Our music tutors are highly qualified professional individuals who have an extensive background in the music industry. At Community Use we are proud to offer a massive variety of music classes at multiple locations throughout Fife.

Our classes include both adults and children,  starting from age 6+. These classes include guitar, drums, piano and singing. We also provide both group classes and 1-to-1 tuition.


Our guitar classes are led by experienced tutors and can be delivered in a group or private lesson. Our classes incorporate the use of both electric and acoustic guitar and suit both beginner and intermediate guitar players. Find out more information about our junior classes and adult classes.


Taking drum lessons improves your coordination, confidence, rhythm and musicality.
It’s a great workout for your mind and body, which makes it a good workout for the soul - and it’s a whole lot of fun! For more information please click here.


Our lessons offer the opportunity to learn the piano on a purely leisure basis, or our learners have the chance to work your way through The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Piano Grades.
Learn to read music, learn about sharps and flats, rhythms, classical, pop and rock music, music theory and increase confidence and self-esteem. Adults are welcome who are learning from scratch - it's never too late! For more information please click here.


Many people are gifted with natural singing ability.  Whether you want to become a professional entertainer, a casual performer, or sing for fun, it is important to learn how protect your best asset and to increase its potential!  1:1 lessons available for children and adults.For more information please click here.


Playing a musical instrument like keyboard adds new neural connections developing some higher tiers in the brain. These improved neural connections have their fair share in benefiting at studies and other daily life chores of a person. For more information on our keyboard classes click here.


Our violin lessons are for anyone interested in learning violin, beginner or experienced. From age 7+, we encourage both adults and children to join our 1-2-1 lessons. Our qualified instructors will work with you, to develop and enhance your skills on a weekly basis. For more information on violin classes please click here.