Tennis, squash, badminton, table tennis… there’s a racquet sport for all ages, strengths, and levels of expertise. Boost your cardiovascular fitness and hand-eye coordination – whatever your age.


Learn how and when to use a wide variety of strokes from smashing to delicate tumbling net returns, learn how to play doubles and arrange a tournament with friends. Our fun, informal lessons are designed to teach children how to serve, hit and smash the shuttle. Mini-games will be organised too.For more information on your local class please click here.


Take lessons to learn how to spin the ball, including topspin, backspin and side spin. Train for, and take part in, tennis tournaments. Learn new strokes, including serves, forehands, backhands and volleys. For more information on your local class please click here.

Sqaush & Table Tennis

Hire a court or table and practice how to play the game and keep score. Improve your movement and technique.
To hire a facility please contact your local Community Use facility.