Daytime Learning

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Community Use is launching a Daytime Learning programme in Dunfermline.

The initiative is targeting older learners but everyone is welcome.

The Daytime programme has been developed for those learners who find it challenging to access the many activities we deliver in the evenings.

Courses will take place in the heart of our communities at Baldridgeburn, Touch and Townhill Community Centres. These areas have been chosen as statistics show that over 30% of the population there are over 60 years old.

Activities will include:

Guitar/Ukulele                                         Painting & Drawing

Flower Arranging                                    Crochet

Japanese Brush Calligraphy                  Upholstery

French Beginners                                   Spanish Beginners

Creative Writing

The Daytime Learning programme will commence from week beginning the 28th October 2019.

Full details and booking information are available by contacting Queen Anne Community Use on

01383 602351